Bitchslap Magazine

Death Has No Dominion Interview – published August 20, 2014

“Listening to it now, I’m soothed to the core of my soul by simple ukelele strums and a persistent, carefree vocal harmony. The occasional drum snaps me back to now, reminding me of consistency like the tide.” – read more

A Living Death: Haunting Tunes From a Danish Duo – published June 19, 2014

“The result is a spellbinding album, featuring both musicians on ukuleles, along with Niemann’s delicate voice. The otherwise-unlikely ukelele, coupled with Niemann’s delicate voice has a surprisingly powerful effect, immersing you immediately in this new musical universe.” – read more

The New York Times

Listen Up | A Danish Duo Gets Moody With Ukuleles – published June 18, 2014

“…tranquility can be heard on the band’s self-titled debut album, out now on SQE Music. The new video for the single “Coming Like a Hurricane,” which appears here, intersperses scenes of the duo exploring Paris with their ukuleles with shots of a shaman (and friend of the director) named Serge. Both Bak and Niemann say that their music aims to capture the spirit of Serge, who once spent three days floating in a locked coffin off the coast of Africa in an attempt to reconnect with himself spiritually. ‘You can create a room, sonically, where things are slow-paced,’ Niemann says. ‘We wouldn’t mind this whole thing to be a long wave of patience.'” – read more

The A.V. Club

Death Has No Dominion Album Stream – published June 10, 2014

“Tracks like “Harvest” and “Poughkeepsie Exit” are emotional and dramatic, telling the story of the band’s journey through both aural space and to the Rubber House, a New York building once owned by Willem Dafoe.” – read more

Paste Magazine

Song Premiere: Death Has No Dominion – “Harvest”– published May 7, 2014

“Death Has No Dominion is the musical partnership between Rasmus Bak and Bjarke Niemann, two friends who have known one another for years and finally began writing songs together. Frequent visits to the studio began to yield more and more material, ultimately coming together for the duo’s first full-length.” – read more